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The Navrtni house can be used throughout the entire year based on your personal propensity – stroolls in spring, cycling, skiing in the nearby villages in the winter, bathing in the river during the summer or as a special facility for all the fisherman, fishing in the river  which is conected to the courtyard of the Navrtni house together with hunting in mountain forests.


The accomodation price is the same throughout the entire year and it amounts 25€ for one night.


Breakfast is payed extra 5 euro, dinner and lunch 10 euro each



Kitchen is used by guests only for warming up drinks, coffee and tea etc.

Renting an intire house is payed 150 euro for one night, with the annotation that this service is possible only with the presence of the owner in the nextdoor house.


The reservation is possible if you pay 20% off the full price in advance.


There is a domestic order which is no different than standard hotel and apartment regulations.




Visitors: 802460


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